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About Us

Ningbo Dongsu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd        Ningbo Dongsu Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. located in beautiful city-Ningbo, where convenient sea shipment, inland delivery and air shipment offers great advantage on goods shipment for customers. We mainly produce household cleaning products like spin mops, flat mops, pva mops etc, our brand “TUOJU” been get more and more domestic and overseas customer praised and prefered. Got more than 10 design and utility patent of spin mops, with capability of self development as well as offer OEM, ODM for customers. We provide integration service from self-development, production, sales, delivery to sales after service. with advanced plastic injection machines, testing equipments, surface treatment equipments and printing equipments like...

Catalogue and Products

Hand Pressing Spin Mop

Spin Mop Bucket, Plastic Mop Bucket, 360 Spin Mop Bucket, Floor Mop Bucket, Microfiber Spin Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop and Bucket, Mop Wringer Bucket, Mop Bucket with Wringer, 360 Easy Mop, Magic Mop and Bucket, Commercial Mop Bucket, 360 Spin Mop and Bucket, 360 Degree Rotating Mop with Bucket, 360 Magic Mop Bucket, Super Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket with Drawer, Hand-pressing Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket with Drawer, New Design Mop Bucket, 360 Cleaning Floor Mop Bucket, 360 Rotating Magic Mop Bucket, 360 Spin Magic Plastic Mop Bucket, 360 Super Mop Bucket, Magic Floor Mop, 360 Degree Spin Floor Mop, 360 Mop and Bucket, folding bucket, microfiber spin mop, As Seen On TV Product 2014 Mop, 2016 new design bucket, magic spin mop bucket, 2016 new design bucket, 2016 new folding spin mop, New Design 360 Spin Mop, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, 360 degree magic mop bucket, Easy Mop, Magic Mop, Double Devices Magic Mop, 360 magic clean mop, Magic Clean Mop, Spin Mop Bucket With Mircofiber Mop head, Cleaning Mop, 360 spin mop, Super cleaning mop, 360 swivel magic mop, 360 spin mop bucket, Spin Mop Bucket Microfiber, Cleaning Mops, Floor Cleaning Mop, Super mop bucket, Super Mops, 360 easy magic mop, 360 rotating spin mop, 360 degree magic mop, 360 cleaning easy mop, hand press magic mop, magic mop with printing, stainless steel pole mop bucket, 360 mop bucket with mop head, cleaning mop bucket, magic mop cleaner, black mop bucket, 2016 new spin mop, plastic cement bucket mop, magic mop 360, 360 magic/easy mop bucket, 360 degree spin magic mop set with drawer, 360 mop bucket and pole, plastic easy mop bucket, 360 clean easy mop bucket, 360 cleaning mop, 360 mop bucket with flower print, 360 spin magic mop, 360 spin mop bucket with blue color, 360 spin mop without pedal, spin mop with drawer, super plastic mop bucket 360 spin, 360 spin easy mop, 360 double device hand press magic mop, 360 mop carton box, 2016 hot sale spin mop bucket, 360 spin mop with printing, 360 Spin Mop Bucket with Printing, 360 super magic mop, Newest Design Super Mop 360, 360 Easy Mop Bucket, 360 Easy Mop Quick, 360 Easy Mop New, 360 Degree Easy Mop, Plastic Spin Mop Bucket, NEW Plastic Mop Bucket, 360 Degree Spin Mop & Spin Dry Bucket, Microfiber Magic Spin Mop, 360 Magic Spin Mop, Microfiber Swivel Mop, floor cleaning industrial mops, 360 Degree Spin Mop & Spin Dry Bucket, Magic Mop Bucket 360, Plastic Spin Mop, Spin Mop and Bucket, Household Cleaning Products, Bucket Wringer Mop, 360 Spin Mop, 360 Magic Mop, Microfiber Cleaning Products, 360 Cleaning Mop Bucket, Mop with Drawer, 360 Easy Life Clean Mop, Magic Mop Bucket, 360 Degree Spin Mop, Spin Magic Cleaning Mop, 360 degree spin mop with drawer, 360 easy life spin mop, 360 degree spin mop with 2mop head, One device spin mop, Mini spin mop bucket, Fashion spin mop with soap dispenser, with water drainage, Double device spin mop with soap dispenser, Stainless steel basket spin mop with water drainage, Stainless steel basket spin mop, New spin mop, Spin magic mop, Swivel microfiber mop, 360 spin magic mop, smart mop bucket, easy mop bucket, Tornado mop and bucket, 2016 new spin mop bucket, Spin mop with dustpan set, Best mops for hardwood floors, Cheap mop bucket, 360 degree folding magic spin mop, 2016 new clean product folding spin mop 360, 360 floor spin mop with large wheels, PP basket microfiber spin mop, 360 magic mop with wheel, walkable mop, Spin mop replacement parts, Spin mop parts, Hurricane 360 spin mop replacement handle, Super 360 spin mop parts, China 360 degree 125cm spin mop handle, China spin mop refill replacement parts, Single bucket and mop new, Small Design 360 degree spin mop, Three device Floor Spin mop, Smart spin mop cheapest spin mop, Retail spin mop Display box spin mop, Big wheel spin mop with water draiange, with soap dispenser, New wheel spin mop hand press, 4 Device spin mop,

Foot Pedal Magic Mop

Mop Bucket, Mop Bucket, 360 Spin mop bucket, 360 SPIN MAGIC MOP BUCKET, 4 drive 360 degree magic mop with wheel, Foot pedal spin mop 3 drive, New Design Spin and spray mop with bucket,

Flat Mop

Duster mops, Dust floor mop, Heavy duty flat floor mop, Flat floor mop, Double side chenille flat mop, Double sided flat mop aluminium pole, Microfiber flat mop, Flat mop telescopic pole, Dry and wet mop, Chenille bath mop telescopic pole, Clip flat mop, Chenille flat mop, Microfiber flat mop, Dust mop for all purpose, Microfiber spray mop, Microfiber flat mop, cleaning set, Hands -free flat mop with brush, NEW super large microfiber flat mop, Car/bathroom washing flat mop, X super mop,

Spray mop

Best magic spray mop, Automatic spray floor mops, 2016 new spray mop, spray mop, spray mop, 2016 spray mop, super spray mop, Microfiber spray mop, Newest fashion iron pole spray mop, Microfiber water spray mop, 2016 NEW fodable microfiber spray mop as seen on TV, High quality spray mop, Best quality spray mop, 2016 microfiber spray mop, Chenille microfiber spray mop, Professional spray mop, 2016 new design spray mop, New design aluminium spray mop, Round head spray mop, Flexible spray mop, Blue plastic spray mop, Double sides spray mop, Best microfiber spray mop, Industrial use spray mop, High qualilty industrial spray mop, Most popular spray mop, Best spray mop, Best quality microfiber spray mop, Professional high quality spray mop, Good quality spray mop,


Sponge pva mop double roller, New pva mop, durable pva mop, pva roller mop, fold pva mop, pva magic mop, Super Absorbent Pva Mop, eco-friendly pva mop, bibulous mop, Sponge Pva Mop,

Window Wiper

window glass wiper, car window wiper, Telescopic window wiper, window squeegee, window squeegee, double use window wiper, double use window wiper telescopic pole, Telescopic window wiper, Eco-Friendly window squeegee, Multifunction spray window wiper, 2016 new spray wipr,

Wet mop

Non-woven mop cloth, Cotton mop cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth, Non woven mop head, popular non woven mop head, Cotton mop head, As Seen On TV Product 2013 Mop head, Loop Microfiber Mop Head, Microfiber mop head, New microfiber mop head, Chamois mop, Microfiber mop, Microfiber fabric mop, Spun-laced Nonwoven Fabric,

Cleaning Duster

spray duster, super duster, mirofiber duster, chenille duster, magic duster, cleaning duster, dirt duster, static duster, Static Duster with telescopic pole, Non-woven duster 30cm, Microfiber duster 30cm, Car and household duster, 4 Colors Foldable Magic Cleaning Duster, Hot sale telescopic steel chenille duster, Telescopic chenille cleaning duster, Bended telescopic pole chenille duster, Telescopic chenille duster, Long handle air cleaning duster,

Mop Refill

Mop brush, 360 degree mop refill, mop head, Microfiber mop cloth, Mop cloth microfiber, Microfiber mop head, new spin mop head, new design mop head, mop and broom holder, mop head, mop replacement head, easy mop head, cotton mop head, dry mop head, magic mop replacement, microfiber screw mop, magic mop refill, dust mop head, household cleaning mop head, flat mop head refill, floor mop head, flat mop head, microfiber mop head,

Dustpan Set

Mini Dustpan set, Dustpan set, Dustpan set, Dustpan set, Dustpan set, dustpan and broom, dustpan and broom, Broom, Mini Dustpan set, Mini Dustpan set, Mini Dustpan set, Plastic broom,


Toilet brush, Toilet brush set, Scrubbing brush, Colorful scrubbing brush, TPR Scrubbing brush, Soft brush,

Laundry Brush

Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush, Laundry Brush,

Toilet Brush

Toilet brush, Toilet brush, Toilet brush, Toilet brush,

Kitchen Brush

kitchen brush, dish brush, bootle brush, EVA Sponge dish brush, sponge dish brush, cleaning sponge brush, glass sponge brush, Three sets sponge brush, sponge roller brush, kitchen sponge brush, sponge dish brush, sponge dish brush,

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